Beef jerky, some fast cars and a Rottweiler called Rommy

It’s been a busy week out and about in Absolute H2O HQ (aka the city of Bristol). One of the things we love about being window cleaners is being able to immerse ourselves in the community and see what’s going in the streets of Bristol. As you might imagine we see all sorts – from the amusing to the bemusing!

This week’s events involved some beef jerky, some fast cars and a Rottweiler called Rommy.

I’m not known for my good taste in food and can often be found eating a 7 egg milk shake or pomegranate and sprout soup. On Wednesday I found myself at Costco purchasing a rather large supply of beef jerky, for myself and I thought perhaps other members of my team might like some too. I was wrong.

Fast forward several hours of hard work cleaning windows and gutters. Terry and I are now leaping about, shouting and waving my supply of beef jerky around at the side of the Bath Road, in the Brislington Village area of Bristol. Not because we have finally lost the plot but because there is a traffic-dodging Rottweiler called Rommy in the middle of this busy commuter road between Bristol and Bath.

Fortunately for us beef jerky is a particular favourite of Rommy the Rottweiler’s (I will now be ever suspicious of Costco’s beef jerky) and managed to persuade him to leave his traffic dodging antics and join us safely on the pavement.

As luck would have it his owners were driving past at that very moment, and gratefully took the galavanting dog safely home.