we want to be a greener window cleaner

050350-blue-jelly-icon-natural-wonders-tree5Our decision to be a greener window cleaner stems from our own personal values and beliefs.

We try hard to be environmentally friendly in our day-to-day family life, so it is important for us that Absolute H2O tries hard to be kind to the environment too.

We’re always on the lookout for new ideas and technology that will help us to work more in harmony with the environment.

Below are some of the actions that we’ve taken already, as we endeavor to be a greener window cleaner.


Green Check MarkPure water technology = reduced visits

We use a pure water system, this keeps windows cleaner for longer. It subsequently reduces the number of visits that we need to make and saves water.


Green Check MarkNon-toxic and biodegradable products

Our cleaning products are biodegradable and non-toxic, so there’s no threat to your garden, pets or the environment.


Green Check MarkWe recycle rainwater

We conserve tap water by making use of the vast surplus of rainwater that we have in the UK. Our neighbours Advantage Rentals Ltd (http://www.advantage4vans.com/) kindly allow us to collect rainwater from their huge roof space and provide an area to house our 10,000 litre storage tank.


Green Check MarkWe ride bicycles

Where possible we use bicycles to get around when we do our quotations. This cuts down our carbon emissions as well as keeping us fit and healthy.


Green Check MarkWe save paper

We use text and email to keep in touch when we can, rather than paper.


Green Check MarkWe actively take part in local community eco-projects

Leigh (Absolute H2O’s managing director) loves to get involved with the local community and likes nothing better than planting a tree or two. In hand with Bristol City Council and the ‘Tree Bristol’ initiative, he’s helped to plant over 15 trees South Bristol and even named a few of them after some of our Absolute H2O window cleaners!

So, if hiring a greener window cleaner is important to you, then we look forward to hearing from you soon.