Our total window cleaning services

When Absolute H2O takes on a new window cleaning customer, sometimes we forget to tell the customer about our total window cleaning services

A lot of window cleaners just clean the glass, we do the whole window.

Total window cleaning services is not just about the glass but the frame too.

We don’t just clean the glass but the whole window including the frame, sill and around the window.

If the frames are still dirty around the newly cleaned glass, it shows them up even more, which is why we clean them as well as the glass on every visit.

Frames are affected by the same airborne dirt and rain as the glass and the dirt is more likely to get trapped in since there are more corners, groves than on smooth glass.


Before and after – Absolute H2O’s total window cleaning services

…and we clean the area surrounding the window

Like having a dirty frame, if the area around the newly clean window is left dirty, it shows up even more. Our total window cleaning service ensures this area is left clean as well, brightening up your home to the max.

This means that we get rid of spiders and their webs that have built up in these surrounding areas and reduce the likelihood of them crawling in to your house when you open up your windows in the summer months.


Absolute H2O clean off spider mess from around your windows

Before and after – Absolute H2O clean off spider mess from around your windows


Total window cleaning means your sills are cleaned

Sills get dirty too, and in the winter months can get mouldy as well, regular cleaning will help to avoid this. White sills in particular show up road dirt and dust. Your sills, where accessible, will be cleaned with purified water, and if needed will be scrubbed as well.

… and total window cleaning means all those hard to reach places are done too

Juliet balconies, awkward corners, hard to reach windows – not a problem! We have varying lengths of extendible poles to reach every challenging nook and cranny. Ensuring a total clean of all your windows.

We clean all hard to reach windows

We clean all hard to reach windows

Would you like to order our total window cleaning services? If so, you can call

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