A better, longer lasting clean with our new Ultra-pure water window cleaning system

We have invested in new window cleaning technology that uses Ultra-pure water for a shinier, smear free, longer lasting clean.

Ultra-pure water for window cleaning is water that has had all specks of dirt, salts and minerals removed – so it is 100% water molecules.


Originally developed to clean semiconductors and microchips, Ultra-pure water is now being deployed in other ways, such as window cleaning.

This water is so good for cleaning windows because it absorbs many times more dirt than ordinary water from your dirty windows, leaving them cleaner and smear free.

Don’t drink it though! There is such as thing as water that is too clean. – Ultra pure water would suck vital minerals right out of your body. Plus it tastes really nasty!

The water we have in our taps is filtered to meet national water quality standards. This water is safe to drink but retains a level of mineral content. This mineral content gives water its individual taste and can vary depending on where you live in the United Kingdom.

When tap water is applied to a surface and allowed to dry, it is these minerals that are left behind as they are too heavy to evaporate, these minerals cause spotting and water marking.

If we first remove these minerals from the water and then apply Ultra-pure water to a surface, the Ultra-pure water will evaporate completely, leaving no spotting and no water marks.

Pure water absorbs minerals and contaminates from its surrounding environment. When the water is Ultra-pure, this absorption rate is significantly increased, easily removing the dust and dirt commonly found on glazing and window frames.

Your window cleaning will use this Ultra-pure water, applied using a soft brush to your glazing. The Ultra-pure water then absorbs the dirt and dust contaminates, the surface is rinsed again using Ultra-pure water and allowed to dry naturally to a spot-free finish.

While some are hesitant to believe that mere water can do a better job overall, the proof is really in the pudding. Using this system you will see a remarkable difference in the quality of clean your windows receive and also the length of time that they remain clean for too.

If you would like to try Ultra-pure water window cleaning on your windows then please give us a call on 07779 267441. Or if you prefer to email please send a message to customer@absoluteh2o.co.uk