You can now pay for your window cleaning by Direct Debit

Make life a little easier and switch to paying for your window cleaning by Direct Debit


Here at Absolute H2O Ltd, we are a forward thinking bunch. To make things easier for our customers and our staff we are trying to eliminate cash payments and we’re introducing paying for your window cleaning by Direct Debit. As long as you have an email address it takes 2 minutes to set up and offers some great benefits.


Avoid the price rise

Soon we will be obliged to add VAT to our services which will force us to increase our prices. If you switch to paying for your window cleaning by Direct Debit today we’ll fix your current price so that you avoid any price rises for the next 12 months.


Spread the cost

Paying regular Direct Debits will allow you to spread your cleaning bills over an agreed period. Pay a little and often rather than one-off larger bills.


It’s guaranteed

Direct Debit payments come with a guarantee so you’re automatically protected by three important safeguards:

  • An immediate money back guarantee from your bank in the event of an error in the payment of your Direct Debit.
  • Advance notice if the date or amount changes.
  • The right to cancel at any time.


It gives you peace of mind

Direct Debit is one of the safest and most reassuring ways of paying your bills:

  • Payments are made automatically, so bills are never forgotten, lost in the post or delayed by postal problems and there’s no risk of late payment charges.
  • Organisations using the Direct Debit scheme have to pass a careful vetting process, and are closely monitored by the banking industry.
  • The Direct Debit Guarantee protects you and your money. It’s offered by all banks and building societies that take part in the scheme.


It saves you time

Modern life is hectic – but Direct Debit helps. It takes away much of the hassle associated with paying bills, and puts an end to queuing at the bank and filling out cheques. You’ll find it easier to stay on top of your bills, and you’ll know exactly how much money is going out each month.


Direct Debit adds up to less worry, and more time to yourself

If you currently pay by cash, cheque or standing order and would like to switch to Direct Debit today please call or text 0777926 7441 or email – Please have your name, house number and street/road name handy!


We will send you confirmation of:

  • Your window cleaning by Direct Debit amount
  • Frequency of payment – e.g. every 4 weeks
  • A summary of the cleaning services this covers
  • A link from our Direct Debit partner Go Cardless.

Please click on the Go Cardless link and follow the simple instructions to set up your new window cleaning by Direct Debit payment.

We look forward to hearing from you!