pure water window cleaning in Bristol

  If you’re looking for a highly skilled window cleaner who provides window cleaning in Bristol and Bath and delivers top quality results time and time again, then we’re here to help you. Each member of our team strives to do the best possible job for our customers, which is why we have such happy ones.

054480-sky-blue-white-pearl-icon-natural-wonders-icon_131We use a pole and brush system fed by pure water

We have ditched our ladders in favour of the superior telescopic pole and brush system. It is fed by pure water that is heated in our customised vans.


087070-sky-blue-white-pearl-icon-business-ladderWhy is a pure water system better than a ladder & bucket?

  1. Spotless windows – pure water is normal tap or rain water that has had its mineral content removed using equipment developed by NASA scientists. This eliminates spotting and water marks on your windows.
  2. Cleaner for longer – pure water absorbs dirt and dust and leaves no chemical residue on the glass that would attract more dirt, particularly when it rains. This means less visits and fewer cleaning bills.
  3. More privacy, more safety – we use telescopic poles instead of ladders so our guys and girls have their feet firmly on the ground.
  4. Cleans hard to reach windows – we can clean windows in awkward, out of the way positions that a ladder can’t reach.
  5. Kinder to uPVC and seals – we look after your windows for longer because we don’t use any harsh chemicals that could accelerate wear and tear.
  6. Friendlier to the environment – our products are biodegradable and non-toxic. We also purify recycled rainwater instead of tap water whenever possible. This helps to conserve water and reduces the amount of water purification resins and filters that we use.


086988-sky-blue-white-pearl-icon-business-currency-british-pound-sc35 Look smart and spread the cost

Having your windows cleaned regularly spreads the cost and means that your windows always look clean, smart and cared for. If you don’t clean your windows regularly a one-off clean to remove a large build of dirt and grime could cost a lot more than your regular clean.


087052-sky-blue-white-pearl-icon-business-home5We service residential and commercial property

We provide window cleaning in Bristol and Bath and are able to clean windows on all types of residential accommodation including houses, flats and bungalows. We also provide services to commercial property, lets and rentals.


087093-sky-blue-white-pearl-icon-business-notepadFlexible service and pricing options

The environment in which your house or building is located will affect how often your windows need to be cleaned, which is why we offer a range of service options. For example, if your house is on a main road or surrounded by a lot of trees it will need cleaning more often than if your house is located in a milder environment. As well as windows, we clean solar panels, conservatory roofs, fascias and gutters. If you require window cleaning in Bristol we have a range of packages to suit all our customers, prices start from as little as £8.50 so please request a window cleaning quote or call us today for a quote 01179146641 (9am-5pm Monday – Friday)

“Would recommend absolute H2O. Reliable. Text prior to arrival. Polite, completed job very well.” – Customer in Bristol, 2 December 2013


“Excellent service. Their office staff were very polite on the phone. Wouldn’t hesitate in recommending to others.” – Customer in Bristol, 11 December 2013


“I would recommend this company. Absolutely brilliant so polite and caring and trustworthy I would give them 12 out of 10 if I could”. – Customer in Bristol, 1 November 2013

Call us today for a quote 01179146641 (9am-5pm Monday – Friday) or contact us via the website. We look forward to hearing from you!